Q: Can I afford a cruise?

A: Sure! There are cruises to fit all budgets. Some starting as low as $299 per person! The details are important, though. With EconoTravel, you can be sure that all of the details will be completely explained up front and you won't be surprised by any last second charges.


Q: Is a cruise really all inclusive?

A: All inclusive can mean different things to different cruise lines. For some it means meals, drinks and entertainment, for others, just meals and drinks. Still others, just meals. At EconoTravel, we'll help you wade through the marketing double talk and get right down to what you can expect. We talk your language, and we've been doing this long enough to know all the tricks of the trade. Rest assured, you will get the best vacation for your money with EconoTravel! Remember, tips are never included, so be sure to bring some cash or use arrange for a credit card to be used for tips.


Q: How will I get all of my paperwork for the cruise?

A: Most cruise lines will now send you a packet of information in the mail. Once you receive it, you will need to follow the instructions. You will be required, in most cases, to go online to download your boarding pass. If you are ever unsure of anything, don't hestate to call us at EconoTravel. We're your travel partners and are here to help!


Q: Will I need a passport?

A: We suggest that you get a passport well in advance of taking a cruise or any trip out of the country. International travel has become much more strict and reentry into the United States requires a valid photo Passport. Even if you think you have a valid passport, now is a good time to get it out and check to make sure it will be valid when you take your cruise or vacation.

Cruise FAQs

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